Awards for Young People: Outline of the Scheme


This scheme was launched in 2014 to champion the less obvious leaders and role models amongst our young people. Mrs Bowen said 'The background to this particular scheme is that I felt that there were a number of awards (like the DoE) that can be achieved in a focused way, but nothing that I could spot that recognized those of you who achieve success in quieter ways in school or the local community, very often helping others, and in many cases overcoming difficulties at home or with your health, and so on.'

In speaking at the 2015 Awards Ceremony Mr Roy MacGregor, the Chief Executive of Global Energy who are one of the two principal sponsors, reinforced this point by pointing out that whilst qualifications were important that 'soft skills' were the key to real success.

Indeed the Award scheme has already been able to champion a number of young people who have done great things and persevered through various difficulties, but who might not have necessarily otherwise been in the public eye, as well as recognising straightforward excellence.

More detail on the scheme, which has it's own committee and funding, may be found at This site gives the various categories for awards and details of how to nominate a young person.

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