Official opening of Parklands Nursing Homes

Official opening of Parklands Nursing Homes

- 25/09/2014

On 24 September Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenant for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh had the pleasure of opening not just one but two nursing homes on the same day.

Both were at the invitation of Mr Ron Taylor of Parklands, who began with nursing homes some 30 years ago, and is now in charge of the Parklands Group which runs seven purpose built nursing homes in the Highlands.

In her opening remarks Mrs Bowen said:

"Today we are celebrating the official opening of a much needed facility in the area.

Parklands have spent £5million between here and Tain and Muir of Ord to give your community a state of the art care home.

Each home has 34 rooms and jobs for 45, which new facility takes the place of that which was much loved, but was in truth long past its sell by date for both residents and staff, although of course the staff have never stopped caring for the residents in their inimitable way.

The rumour I have heard is that these new premises are as good as a 4 or 5 star hotel; it certainly looks like that, and I am truly delighted. I think the community should be really grateful for the vision of the Parklands team who have created this wonderful facility for this community.

Community doesn’t just happen: people make it happen, and this home is set in the heart of the community where residents and carers can come from their community and continue to live in their community, and I note that provision is specifically made for family and friends, who will of course come from the community. This therefore is a great addition to your community and a very happy conclusion to the period of Higland Council ownership, and the part of Parklands in making this happen is very, very welcome.

Parklands certainly need no introduction from me following on from what Jon Taylor has said, but I am delighted with their aspiration for excellence, their track record and their core values of compassion, understanding and caring. I suspect that many of us present will have experienced parents and loved ones struggling with the difficulties, frustration and indignities of old age, and it is really good to see a care home where caring is so obviously right at the forefront of everything, coupled with a building like this, available here in the heart of Tain/Muir of Ord.

So, it gives me great pleasure to declare this Nursing Home formally open."

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The photographs were provided by Gordon Photography of Tain.

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