Dennis Overton OBE

Dennis Overton OBE

- 15/9/2014

On Friday 12 September Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenant for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh, had the pleasure of investing, on behalf of her Majesty the Queen, Dennis Overton with an OBE for services to commerce on Alness and Ruanda.

Dennis had chosen to receive his award in his local community and his story is one not just of helping to build a very sucessful employee owned business in the Highlands, but also of doing the same thing in Uganda as the Chairman of Ikaresi, a producer of essential plant oils (e.g. geranium, lemongrass and eucalyptus).

Nicholas Hitimani had sent a congratulatory video from Rwana and Mrs Bowen spoke as well. Amongst other things she said:

'His style is quiet. He is unassuming. Indeed Dennis is a modest man; he owns a campervan rather than villa in France, and if you asked him about his career I think he would say that he could have done nothing else, and that actually everything has been done by everyone else. But we know that this isn’t wholly true and that it’s absolutely right that he should be recognised, at the same time as understanding that what he has is God given.'

'So, Dennis, the moment has come. You have opted to receive your award away from the panoply of Holyrood or Buckingham Palace, choosing instead to be amongst those with whom you have worked, which once one starts to understand what drives you, is exactly what we should all have expected.'

Denis is pictured with his wife and Mrs Bowen.

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