Peter Angus BEM

Peter Angus BEM

- 05/09/2018

On Saturday 1 September was in Dingwall to invest Peter Angus with his well deserved BEM.

In front of a large crowd in front of the Town Hall she said the following:

This is a very special occasion. We have Peter Angus on stage, the centre of attention for once, rather than melting into the background!

I am delighted to have this opportunity to recognize and applaud the unstinting contribution that Peter Angus has made to the Community of Dingwall, for MANY years.

We are gathered to celebrate at least 52 years of dedicated voluntary service to the community.

Peter has been involved, and continues to be involved, in various roles in almost everything that happens in Dingwall. In no particular order:

The Gala, past and present,
The Dingwall Highland Games
Santa in the street,
The fire Brigade Club,
Highland Fling
Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner
Rotary Club
Seaforth Association
Hospital visiting
Royal British Legion
Shop Mobility
And, he and Jennifer can always be seen collecting for some charity when needed
And, I am sure there are more that I have left out.

Speaking for myself, I particularly appreciate Peter’s skills with the sound systems that he sets up at every event, specifically the Remembrance Sunday parade at the War Memorial, and I know that he will do an excellent job this year, as always; we even had bugles last year! And, when I was very worried that I would fall off the tiny saluting platform I was given for annual Beating Retreat by the Army Cadets, Peter came up with a brilliant new one that even allows space for an officer to help with the Parade.

We all know the adage ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman telling him he is wrong’. That person for Peter is Jennifer, she is a huge support, so thank you to her too.

Peter, you are at the heartbeat of Dingwall our county town, you help this community in so many ways, and we all owe you our thanks and recognition for all you have done. As such, it gives me enormous pleasure on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen to be able to invest you with the British Empire Medal. I congratulate you and thank you for ALL that you do for the community, and for your dedication and care for those around you.

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Peter Angus BEM
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