Blue Flash Challenge 2018

Blue Flash Challenge 2018

- 20/07/2018

Blue Flash Challenge returned to Strathpeffer for the weekend of 30 June and 1 July. Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenant for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh attended a number of events.

Firstly she attended the march on of those who had trekked overnight from Fort Augustus to present their medals. She said:

We are of course at the end of Armed Forces Week, which culminates today, Armed Forces Day, and once again I am absolutely thrilled to see the flag being raised here in Strathpeffer, not just because this is my home village but because I feel the flag is not being raised enough, and (as I said last year) I would like to see a wider recognition of this day of remembering and being remembered.

As such it is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome the veterans of the Fourth Royal Tank Regiment and their supporters here today to do two things:

1. To remind us of our military family and of the covenant we have with them
2. To support an outstanding military charity, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, and I know that we will hear more about that this evening

This particular event, Blue Flash Challenge (named after the blue shoulder ‘flashes’ that the fourth wore to distinguish them from the other Royal Tank regiments which had different colours) contains something for everyone.

First of all, I would like to honour the teams who have yomped as much as a 100 kms to get here. By any yardstick that is serious achievement and I will be awarding your medals in just a moment. Then there are the bikers and the shinty players. Later on we will all enjoy a ceilidh at the Pavilion and I think I am right that there are some tickets still available for that; whatever, the man to ask is Murdo. And finally, there will a church service tomorrow at the kirk in Strathpeffer at 1100 followed by the laying of wreaths at the recently renovated war memorial at Fodderty at about 1230. Last year’s service and wreath laying were poignant reminders of an important year for the Regiment: the battle of Cambrai, and this year of course commemorates the end of the Great War which saw the birth of the Regiment.

Finally, on your behalf I would like to introduce Mr David Rose, the Chief of Clan Rose with whom the Fourth Royal Tank regiment are associated and whose tartan the Regiment wear. I know that he would like to meet as many of you as possible both now, but also at the ceilidh tonight and at the church parade tomorrow.

And so, to business. What I want to say to you marchers today is first of all very well done indeed; you have done a great thing for a great charity, and without doubt shown your fitness for role! So, if I may, I would now like to meet you individually and award you with your Blue Flash Challenge 2018 medals.

She then attended a shinty match between the Army and a scratch Caberfeidh team (Cabers won!) and then a ceildh in the evening.

On Sunday she attended Church Parade followed by the laying of wreaths at the newly restored War Memorial at Fodderty, and the at the Loch Kinellan.

The photograph shows the blue wreath of 4 RTR.

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