Aberdeen Angus World Forum at Dingwall Mart

Aberdeen Angus World Forum at Dingwall Mart

- 29/06/2017

On Monday 28 June Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenant for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh, attended the Dingwall Mart to formally greet the delegates from 20 plus countries.

She said:

It is really good to see such a truly international gathering of enthusiastic folk, all focusing on a shared interest and passion for our Aberdeen Angus Cattle.

I was brought up in Easter Ross surrounded by black cattle, not perhaps as pure a pedigree we see here today, but nevertheless I have a deep love for these beautiful animals.
Actually, we also had two Jersey House cows that I loved, and I used to hide in their stalls whenever I had French Lessons as my teacher was terrified of Cattle - as a result my French skills are not great!

I am sure I speak for The Highland Area Aberdeen Angus Club when I say what an honour it is to be able to hold this event in The Dingwall Mart. It is particularly fitting as it is the Club’s 40th Anniversary this year. I understand the last Forum held in UK was 1977 and this is a first for the Highlands. It is a once in a generation event and it seems that of the almost 30 breeding herds in the Highlands and Islands 20 + are present today, which is a great achievement.

What a wealth of knowledge, breeding, folk lore and history there must be gathered here. Since 1977, forty years ago, there have been so many changes to our way of life, stock control, land management, breeding methods and, much more. And then you only have to look at the Drovers exhibition upstairs and realise how down the years animal management changes and develops. We continue to be in a period of change and development worldwide, and who knows what the Aberdeen Angus story will be in another forty years.

Today has been special, and there are many people to thank for making it so special, but I would like to thank all you, the delegates, for coming all the way to the Highlands of Scotland, from many diverse parts of the world.

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