Armed Forces Day 2015

Armed Forces Day 2015

- 30/06/2015

Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenant for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh, took the salute on the occasion of Armed Forces Day on Saturday 27 June.

She said:

The first thing I want to do is to thank those of you who have turned out today to mark Armed Forces Week. The second thing I want to say is that what we are doing here, marking Armed Forces Week is really, really important.

Important for us to remember those who are putting their lives on the line.

Important to remember all those who train, support and feed our Armed Forces.

Important for us to remember all the Armed Forces Families.

We who are here today only represent a small part of our community, whereas those that serve us in the Armed Forces serve all of us, in a world that is quite simply getting more dangerous, not less dangerous, and, although I cannot remember a time when our armed forces were held in higher esteem I can hardly think of a time when they have been under more political pressure. So, we need to keep their profile high and remember with gratitude the good work that they do; we must not take our freedoms too easily and we need to understand that they were bought and are still being bought with a price

I think it also worth understanding that the men and women of our Armed Forces do not ‘just’ serve in Afghanistan or other major campaigns; as a nation we have teams in Kurdistan, we overfly Syria, we intercept probing flights and other incursions into our waters by Soviet forces, we have small missions in a number of countries, we work in the Mediterranean in a humanitarian cause: our Armed Forces uphold freedom and peace.

There is a lot going on and we need to mark it, and mark it with respect and gratitude.

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