Columba 1400 celebrates 15 years of work

Columba 1400 celebrates 15 years of work

- 30/06/2015

Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenant for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh, spent a day at Columba 1400 joining in their celebrations to mark 15 years of service to young people facing tough realities in urban life.

After a day joining in various activities, prior to supper Norman Drummond gave a keynote speech reminding those present of the greatness that lies within even those in the hardest places and of the Columba values of:

Awareness, of knowing and understanding yourself, other people and your environment

Focus, of recognising and concentrating on critical and essential information

Creativity, in seeing and implementing solutions, idea and initiatives

Integrity, by being reliable and trustworthy and remaining whole and true to your potential

Perseverance, by enduring and remaining strong when faced with complication, tragedy and resistance

Service, in terms of sharing resources selflessly and effectively, using your strengths and experience to take meaningful action and contribute to the greater good

The teaching of these one on one, one by one and then in teamwork has resulted in many thousands of Columba 'graduates' throughout Scotland, whose lives have been changed. For more information see:

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