Peter Angus BEM

On Saturday 1 September was in Dingwall to invest Peter Angus with his well deserved BEM.

In front of a large crowd in front of the Town Hall she said the following:

This is a very special occasion. We have Peter Angus on stage, the centre of attention for once, rather than melting into the background!

I am delighted to have this opportunity to recognize and applaud the unstinting contribution that Peter Angus has made to the Community of Dingwall, for MANY years.

We are gathered to celebrate at least 52 years of dedicated voluntary service to the community.

Peter has been involved, and continues to be involved, in various roles in almost everything that happens in Dingwall. In no particular order:

The Gala, past and present,
The Dingwall Highland Games
Santa in the street,
The fire Brigade Club,
Highland Fling
Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner
Rotary Club
Seaforth Association
Hospital visiting
Royal British Legion
Shop Mobility
And, he and Jennifer can always be seen collecting for some charity when needed
And, I am sure there are more that I have left out.

Speaking for myself, I particularly appreciate Peter’s skills with the sound systems that he sets up at every event, specifically the Remembrance Sunday parade at the War Memorial, and I know that he will do an excellent job this year, as always; we even had bugles last year! And, when I was very worried that I would fall off the tiny saluting platform I was given for annual Beating Retreat by the Army Cadets, Peter came up with a brilliant new one that even allows space for an officer to help with the Parade.

We all know the adage ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman telling him he is wrong’. That person for Peter is Jennifer, she is a huge support, so thank you to her too.

Peter, you are at the heartbeat of Dingwall our county town, you help this community in so many ways, and we all owe you our thanks and recognition for all you have done. As such, it gives me enormous pleasure on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen to be able to invest you with the British Empire Medal. I congratulate you and thank you for ALL that you do for the community, and for your dedication and care for those around you.

Peter Angus BEM

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Posted by the Lieutenancy on 05/09/2018

New Deputy Lieutenant appointed

Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenant for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh has appointed Andrew Townsend from Laide as a Deputy covering Wester Ross.

Mr Townsend’s family relocated to Dundee when he was 14, and his long association with Wester Ross began that year. However, work took him further afield to begin with, first with the Royal Miliary Police in Berlin and then with the Metropolitan Police in London. This was followed by further spell in the West Midlands before his childhood dream was realised: a return to Wester Ross, which he was able to achieve in 2012.

Mr Townsend is married to Debra, amother police officer who retrained to become a professional Counsellor, and they have two children, both at university following their time at Gairloch High School.

Andrew and Debra run the Laide Post Office, General Stores and Filling Station and, following the closure of the Dundonnel Post Office, provide an ‘outreach service’ to the communities there and at Scoraig. Furthermore, Andrew is an active member of the Mountain Bothies Association with a particular responsibility for Shenavall in the heart of the Fisherfield Forest.

Mr Townsend said: ‘Understanding the fragility of the local economy and the resultant exodus of young people from the area I’m committed to providing year round employment opportunities. As such, I actively support apprenticeship places to provide meaningful training for young people wanting to stay in the area’.

New Deputy Lieutenant appointed

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Posted by the Lieutenancy on 05/09/18

August Citizenship Ceremonies

On Tuesday 14 August Mrs Janet Bowen attended the Council Chamber in Dingwall and was pleased to present Certificates of Citizenship to Lynette Mackenzie and the Slotwinski Family.

The photograph shows the Slotwinski family (Marciek and Karolina with their children Adam and Danika) with Councillors Derek Louden and Mike Fnlayson in attendance.

And on Tuesday 28 August Mrs Bowen presented Certificates of Citizenship to Lozinka Gergova and her son Denis Gergov. This picture is in the gallery.

August Citizenship Ceremonies

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Posted by the Lieutenancy on 21/08/2018

Mrs Pat Holder, BEM

On Thursday 12 July Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenant of Ross and Cromarty had the pleasure of investing Pat Holder with her BEM. She said:

You have been recognised, and very rightly so, for:

• a lifetime of supporting Save the Children,
• being at the very centre of every community in which you have lived,
• a pillar of the church and
• the first in and the last out when it comes to doing anything for other people

And, as such it gives me the very, very greatest pleasure on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen to invest you with the British Empire Medal for charitable services, principally to Save the Children.

Mrs Pat Holder, BEM

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Posted by the Lieutenancy on 20/07/2018

Princess Royal visits Dingwall

On Thursday 5 July Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenenat for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh was present in Dingwall to meet Princess Anne.

Her programme began with a visit to the Town Hall where she met a party of Young Carers. This was followed by an engagement as Chancellor of the University of the Highlands and Islands.

The photographs are courtesy of the Press and Journal.

Princess Royal visits Dingwall

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Posted by the Lieutenancy on 20/07/2018

Blue Flash Challenge 2018

Blue Flash Challenge returned to Strathpeffer for the weekend of 30 June and 1 July. Mrs Janet Bowen, Lord-Lieutenant for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh attended a number of events.

Firstly she attended the march on of those who had trekked overnight from Fort Augustus to present their medals. She said:

We are of course at the end of Armed Forces Week, which culminates today, Armed Forces Day, and once again I am absolutely thrilled to see the flag being raised here in Strathpeffer, not just because this is my home village but because I feel the flag is not being raised enough, and (as I said last year) I would like to see a wider recognition of this day of remembering and being remembered.

As such it is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome the veterans of the Fourth Royal Tank Regiment and their supporters here today to do two things:

1. To remind us of our military family and of the covenant we have with them
2. To support an outstanding military charity, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, and I know that we will hear more about that this evening

This particular event, Blue Flash Challenge (named after the blue shoulder ‘flashes’ that the fourth wore to distinguish them from the other Royal Tank regiments which had different colours) contains something for everyone.

First of all, I would like to honour the teams who have yomped as much as a 100 kms to get here. By any yardstick that is serious achievement and I will be awarding your medals in just a moment. Then there are the bikers and the shinty players. Later on we will all enjoy a ceilidh at the Pavilion and I think I am right that there are some tickets still available for that; whatever, the man to ask is Murdo. And finally, there will a church service tomorrow at the kirk in Strathpeffer at 1100 followed by the laying of wreaths at the recently renovated war memorial at Fodderty at about 1230. Last year’s service and wreath laying were poignant reminders of an important year for the Regiment: the battle of Cambrai, and this year of course commemorates the end of the Great War which saw the birth of the Regiment.

Finally, on your behalf I would like to introduce Mr David Rose, the Chief of Clan Rose with whom the Fourth Royal Tank regiment are associated and whose tartan the Regiment wear. I know that he would like to meet as many of you as possible both now, but also at the ceilidh tonight and at the church parade tomorrow.

And so, to business. What I want to say to you marchers today is first of all very well done indeed; you have done a great thing for a great charity, and without doubt shown your fitness for role! So, if I may, I would now like to meet you individually and award you with your Blue Flash Challenge 2018 medals.

She then attended a shinty match between the Army and a scratch Caberfeidh team (Cabers won!) and then a ceildh in the evening.

On Sunday she attended Church Parade followed by the laying of wreaths at the newly restored War Memorial at Fodderty, and the at the Loch Kinellan.

The photograph shows the blue wreath of 4 RTR.

Blue Flash Challenge 2018

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Posted by the Lieutenancy on 20/07/2018

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