100th Birthday and 60th Wedding Anniversary


Among the many important roles the Lord-Lieutenant carries out in the community is presenting a message of congratulations from HM The Queen to those celebrating their 100th Birthday or 60th (Diamond) Wedding Anniversary. Both are significant milestones and should be celebrated!

For a 100th Birthday the Department of Works and Pensions sends a representative to visit the celebrant to seek confirmation and to forward this information to Buckingham Palace. If a relative wishes the Lord-Lieutenant to present the card from Her Majesty they should contact the Lieutenancy office with details. More information about 100th Birthday presentations is on the British Monarchy website (link at the bottom of the page).

For a 60th Wedding Anniversary the family should contact the Clerk to the Lieutenancy or Buckingham Palace directly and arrangements will be made for the card to be sent. As in the case of 100th Birthdays, the Lord-Lieutenant (or one of her Deputies) will be delighted to present the card.


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